About us

Acez Instruments is quality supplier of Instrumentation and Control equipment in South-East Asia region. First established in 1985, Acez has transformed into a recognised and reputable company in providing quality instruments, calibration and repairing services as well as manufacturing. With ISO 9001:2015, we commit ourselves to bring out the very best of our quality products and services to our customers. At Acez Group of Companies, customer care has always been our paramount passion – the way it is measured and the way it is delivered.


We carry many well-known international brands in our product portfolio such as Meriam, Isotech, Gas Clip Technologies, Davis Weather, Kimo, Huba, Ecom, Reotemp, Isuzu, Kestrel, Stiko and more which not only increase our company value and assets but also provide a diversity in our products to meet every customer’s needs. We also launched our own brands, Blue Gizmo and Taishio, in 2002. These products have gained a good reputation and customer base in South East Asia and Ocenia region.